Why You Should Use Artificial Plants For Your Home Decoration

Artificial Plant

Although fresh plants are lovely, one thing that I started to find in my home was that some rooms in my house just weren’t giving me good results with real plants – however hard I tried – and so I started to turn my attention to artificial plants instead to see if they could compare.

Artificial plants are useful for so many reasons: –

  • Great for allergy sufferers
  • Great for if you have pets that chew – because some plants are poisonous for them
  • Great for darker rooms – no worry that the sun won’t reach them to grow!
  • Great for if you don’t have green fingers – it’s hard to kill a fake!
  • Great for if you’re not good at remembering to water, or if you’re away a lot

TIP – Often the better looking plants/flowers are a little more expensive – but when you think of how long they will last compared to real flowers and plants, it can work out very cost effective in the long run

Artificial Plants
Banana Artificial Plant


One of my favorite Artificial plants is The Banana Plants and Palm Plants.

They are simple and classic, and can be hard to keep alive when it’s the real thing! I have the banana plants in my sitting room and one close to my little office space where I took this pictures.

Artificial Plants
Artificial Plants
Artificial Plants

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