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Most Popular Artificial Succulents Plants And This Are The Best Ones

succulent plants

There’s a time and a place for Artificial Succulent plants. That time is now and that place is your apartment. If you’re a green thumb and have no problem getting plants to thrive under your care, we’re wildly proud of you. But for the black thumbs, there is zero shame in livening up your space with a few convincing fake succulents.

If you’re still feeling the itch to bring one home, opt for something faux. Artificial succulents are a great variety for fake plants—the real ones look plasticky and fake anyway, so it’s easy to pull the foliage over your guests’ eyes and have them convinced at a glance that the faux ones are real.

Nevertheless, some fake succulents are better than others. So we took a quest to get an up-close look at the most-popular, top-rated artificial succulents from your favorite home stores—all so we could crown one true queen of the faux-jungalow.

Succlent Plants

The Best Fake Succulent

Living succulents come in so many varieties, and the faux retail offerings are no different. The range of shapes, colors, and sizes makes it difficult to compare them against each other, so we’re recommending.

succulent plants

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