BethelMendels Group Referral Reward Program

Make N200,000-N1,000,000 Monthly Passive Income(commission) just by referring a business partner/friend to patronize us.

Are you an interior design contractor, a florist, or decor accessories reseller/dropshipper?

Are you an event decor contractor or event planner?

Are you a horticulturist / gardener?

Are you into landscaping or real estate development???

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Do you know you can make up to N200,000- N1,000,000 passive income in a month on our Referral Program????

Ask me how it works??? Very simple

Refer a business friend/partner, who is in the same business with you and get 2% commission of their total business transactions(purchase)for life.

Wow! This is Amazing!

Let us Do a Simple Calculation to Blow your mind!

-Let us Assume you refer 1(one) business friend to us who makes a monthly Purchase of N1,000,000.
Your 2% commission is N20,000

– If You then Refer 10(Ten) business friends who makes N1,000,0000 monthly purchases each

Then, total monthly purchase from Your Direct Downline is 10 xN1, 000,000
2% commission, N200,000

– With 50 referrees, you could earn N1,000,000 Monthly passive income(commission).

Note: The more friends you refer to us and the more purchases they make, the more money you make as well.

Keep referring and you keep earning 2% commission on every sales for life

As your referrees keep buying from us, you are also entitled to 2% commission on every purchase they make with us, CONTINOUSLY for life

Isn’t that amazing?????

Commissions are paid with Product Value!

And at the end of every month, we calculate your total commission, and
you will be given the opportunity to use it to order for any goods/items and services worth that value of your choice from us,

You also have the opportunity to roll over to the subsequent months, in orderr to grow/ mature your capital.

Our referral program works on one generation platform.

Meaning as a referral, you only earn on the 1st generation “customers” you referred to us which has no limit, meaning you can refer as many customers as you wish, in other to increase your total commission.


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You cannot afford to miss this amazing money making opportunity of becoming a referral/ Business partner with BethelMendels Group