BethelMendels Group Referral Reward Program

Terms and Conditions:

  • Full detailed Registration is compulsory for all participants of the Referral Reward Program.
  • Each participants will have a unique Identification number(Code) BMG0001……
    BMG stands for BethelMendels Group
  • Only Resellers(contractors) of our products are eligible to participate in the Referral Reward Program. Hence each participant must show evidence of business ownership/activities in their Registration form.
  • End users customers are not eligible to participate in the program. Any end-user introduced will not be accepted.
  • All participants must be fully engaged in monitoring, supporting and motivating their Referees to push for sales, since the volume of sales by their referees determines how much money they make.
  • All participants must also be involved in taking and tracking new orders from their referees, as well as keep proper records of all transactions.

Registration Form