Why You Should Consider Using Artificial Grass In Schools

Why You Should Consider Using Artificial Grass In Schools

As a school/daycare administrator, you should know that planning for your school’s playground infrastructure is just as important as it is for quality education. There are varieties of playground/sports field surfaces like wood, sand but If you’re passionate about the safety and care of your students, then you should go for the best option which offers many more benefits and is ultimately the safest choice which is artificial grass. aside from the beauty of artificial grass, there is also a huge range of other benefits to be gained, especially for public schools and playgrounds.
In this article, we’re going to be taking a closer look at four reasons why you should consider installing fake/synthetic grass in your school.

1. Durability

real grass receives heavy use, no matter the time of the year. This creates bare patches and tracks in areas where foot traffic is at its heaviest. These bald patches can create a tripping hazard, meaning children can fall and potentially injure themselves whilst playing. Rain can further increase potential dangers as these areas quickly become muddy puddles. However, With artificial grass, these hazards just aren’t an issue. it’s durable enough to withstand heavy use, and when installed properly, it is free-draining. meaning no puddles and no mud.

2. Low cost of maintenace

the installation of artificial grass can also prove to be an excellent investment, saving schools authorities large amounts of money due to its low maintenance nature. it is little wonder that many schools and playgrounds have turned to artificial grass to transform playgrounds and dead areas into lush green artificial play areas.

3. Encourgaes more outdoor play

Why You Should Consider Using Artificial Grass In Schools

Synthetic grass can help to really encourage kids to get out and play. A high-quality artificial lawn will allow children to play more and do more on school fields and in playgrounds. You can mark designated play areas and zones with ease. It’s not always so easy to do this with real grass, and you can’t always mark grassy areas in a school environment and
expect them to withstand the weather. But With synthetic turf, You’ll be able to host sports days and big events like tennis, football, rugby, and cricket with more flexibility Which could produce additional revenues for your school.

4. UV resistant

Real grass can be hazardous when the rain starts pouring down. the grass surfaces can spoil and become waterlogged. And this can result in games and matches being called off completely. What’s more, leaving a grass field or surface to dry after a downpour can be a massive drain on your time. Synthetic grass for schools and other artificial turf standards is weather-resistant. Come rain or shine, kids will be able to head out and play sports and games without fear of slipping or getting too wet underfoot. Weather resistance is absolutely crucial when it comes to modern play equipment and sporting facilities. Artificial grass lawn solutions are immediately more reliable than real grass for that reason alone.

With all these compelling reasons in mind, are you ready to make the investment? That’s where we can help. Our kid-safe artificial turf is perfect for parks, schools, daycares, and anywhere else that could benefit from safe, soft, and great-looking artificial grass. We make our turf to be highly durable specifically to withstand all types of playground equipment and play.

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